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    Effective Microorganisms EM1
    Effective Microorganisms EM1
    AU$34.00 (inc GST) AU$30.91 (ex GST)
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    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    AU$82.50 (inc GST) AU$75.00 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp Backyard Compost Thermometer
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer (Backyard)
    AU$96.25 AU$90.75 (inc GST) AU$87.50 AU$82.50 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer in compost windrow
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer Heavy Duty 5/16"
    AU$209.00 (inc GST) AU$190.00 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp compost thermometer


Soil PH Eco Meter

  • GroundGrocer Soil PH Eco Meter
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AU$203.50 (inc GST) AU$185.00 (exc GST)
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Product Description

 Soil pH Moisture Meter

A valuable tool for monitoring pH. Useful for testing soil water and fertiliser solutions. Includes a soil testing kit to make monitoring your soil quick and easy. 

pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale goes from 0 – 14 with pH 7 being neutral. Below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline or basic. Soil pH affects the availability of nutrients to crops. For most crops the ideal soil pH is 6.4. The soil pH can be measured quickly and accurately with the Eco pH Meter and soil test kit. This meter can also be used for monitoring water quality and determining the pH of fertiliser solutions. This can provide valuable information regarding mix compatibility and allow the user to determine and fine tune the tank mix pH for optimum efficacy. The ideal pH for a foliar fertiliser application is 6.0 – 8.0.

Applications include: Soil, fertiliser, hydroponics, aquaculture, pools & spas, water, environmental monitoring, microbe brewing. 


  • –  Waterproof.

  • –  Lightweight & pocket-sized.

  • –  LCD display.

  • –  Hold function.

  • –  Up to 3 point calibration.

  • –  Auto buffer recognition.

  • –  Automatic temperature compensation.

  • –  Transparent cap for samples and storage.

  • –  Auto-off 8.5 min.

  • –  pH 4.0 and 7.0 buffer solutions included.

  • –  Electrode storage solution included.

  • –  Soil testing jar (graduated for accurate soil & water measurement) included. 



Calibration Recommendation:

Perform a 2 point calibration at pH 7.0 & pH 4.0 using the buffer solutions included before first use and then weekly (if used less frequently than weekly, calibrate before each use).
Follow the calibration instructions included with the meter.


The pH of water and fertiliser mixes etc. can simply be measured by dipping the sensor in the solution as per the instructions included with the meter. 

 Need more information before you purchase?


Using this solution will extend the life of the electrode. After use clean the pH meter probe with water and
add approximately 10 mL of storage solution to the pH meter cap. Cap the meter and store upright (so that
the electrode tip remains in the solution).
Note: the electrode cap is not completely watertight so storing the meter upright is required to prevent leakage.

If the pH meter has been stored without storage solution for a long time it may need to be conditioned before use. This can be done by soaking the electrode in storage solution as described above for a period of 1 hour before use. 



Wearing gloves to avoid contamination, take samples from 15 – 20 sites within the test area. Sample to
a depth of 15 cm. Remove any plant matter from
the top of the sample. Combine samples in a clean container and mix thoroughly. Take a small subsample of the mixed soil and fill the testing jar to the 25 mL mark with soil.

Using distilled water, fill the testing container to the 125 mL mark. This is a 1:5 soil to water mixture. Cap the jar and shake thoroughly for 5 seconds. Allow the contents to sit for 30 minutes. Swirl the solution then dip the pH meter probe into the soil/water solution and wait for a stable pH reading. 

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Warranty Information

One year manufacturers warranty

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