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GroundGrocer.com is the world's premium secure online shop for composting products, compost tea brewers, monitoring equipment, microscopes and bioactive soil additives - everything you need to put the life back in your soils.

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GroundGrocer.com is owned and operated by Sustainable GroundGrocer, an Australian  business (ABN 52 149 788 293).

The GroundGrocer team is based near Orange, NSW, Australia, from here we ship products throughout Australia, New Zealand and also worldwide.

We are passionate about sourcing and providing the best products available to commercial composters, farmers, waste resource managers and home gardeners, and pride ourselves on our after-sales service excellence.

GroundGrocer also provides professional consultancy services, putting our 30+ years combined experience to work - especially to start-up composting businesses.


Our Team has a passion and commitment to Sustainable Agriculture and environmental rehabilitation. GroundGrocer.com champion and are inspired by the work of all sustainable land use advocates including Dr Elaine Ingham, a leading Soil Foodweb microbiology educator, the inspirational work of Mr Paul Stamets in educating all of us around the amazing benefits of Soil Fungi, Dr Christine Jones and her work with Soil Carbon, Mr Peter Andrews and his Natural Sequence Farming (Peter is a gentleman and an Australian national treasure) and Soil Foodweb International Nematologist and educator, Dr Merline Olson. 

One of our key strategies is to encourage all growers, gardeners and land managers to make their own compost. We believe this is the new earth action required to have sustainable and productive soils. We also encourage farmers, councils and businesses to establish their own Regional Compost production Centres thus providing a commercial grade and affordable product to others in their districts.

We are currently shipping Compost and Living Soil products to every state in Australia.


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