These microscopes and accessories are excellent tools for seeing the life in your soils and composts. Most serious composters get one. But be careful, looking at soil and compost life is addictive! This is reality "TV" at its organic best.

We welcome the new "E" series microscopes with amazing optics and incredible value.  The BK series were great scopes, but the 1990's design is well past it prime.  The new professional camera line up rounds out range.  These are the cameras we use in the lab and seriously outperform the generally available commodity cameras.  There is much more to digital imaging than number of mega-pixels.  Pixel size, update rate, measuring software, counting software and low light performance needs to be taken into account depending on your application.    If you or your customers demand high quality images to measure their soil improvements, make sure you get the best images the first time.  

Contact us if you need more information before purchasing - sales@groundgrocer.com