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    Compost Windrow Turner Compost Windrow Turner

    Compost Windrow Turner - Australian made

    NOTE: These products cannot be purchased online - please contact us for a freight cost quote. The OZ-X Series Tow Behind Windrow Compost Turners    The Oz Turners OZ-X series...

    MSRP: AU$32,890.00
    Was: AU$32,890.00
    Now: AU$31,790.00 inc. GST
    MSRP: AU$29,900.00
    Was: AU$29,900.00
    Now: AU$28,900.00 ex. GST
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    compost bagging machine - green compost bagging machine  - side

    Mobile compost bagging machine

    Ozturner Mobile compost bagging machine Designed & manufactured in Australia, tested in Australian conditions. Simple and easy to operate & mobile compost bagging machine An affordable...

    MSRP: AU$31,900.00
    Was: AU$31,900.00
    Now: AU$31,350.00 inc. GST
    MSRP: AU$29,000.00
    Was: AU$29,000.00
    Now: AU$28,500.00 ex. GST
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