Hairloom Vegetables & Flowers - what are they & why to grow them

Posted by Uri Bookman on 21st May 2014

Heirloom vegetable and fruit varieties have grown enormously in popularity with home and market gardeners alike in recent years
Many people are turning or returning to home gardening for a variety of reasons, and heirloom seeds figure prominently.
Some of these include an interest in fresh, local and healthy foods, Organic foods, concerns with GMO seeds, others need to stretch the family food budget, and still others are searching for the lost flavours of the family garden when they were growing up.

What are Heirloom seeds, vegetables & flowers?

Heirloom seeds are rare, precious and treasured seeds that grow into plants that can bear seed just like their parents. They can reproduce themselves as Nature intended, parent to child, child to parent, and so forth. Heirlooms can be either open-pollinated, which is pollination carried on by bees, butterflies, wind and other natural methods, or, hand pollinated by loving and dedicated farmers.

Why grow Heirloom varieties ?

  1. 1.The most classic and well preserved delicious varieties

  2. 2.Careful cultivation over centuries, picking best of best
  3. 3.More pronounced natural flavors

  4. 4.Many many years of pest and blight resistance
  5. 5.Non-chemically or genetically modified or altered

  6. 6.Free from fungicides, pesticides or biocides

  7. 7.Free from chemicals and preservatives

  8. 8.Good tolerance to environmental stresses

  9. 9.Good resistance to fungus, bacteria, virus

  10. 10.Mostly conceived and grown organically

  11. 11.Considered the most gourmet of varieties

  12. 12.Not artificially cross-pollinated resulting in sterility
  13. 13.Biodiverse - mixture of the best genetics
  14. 14.Considered the most flavorful, sweet and delicious of all

  15. 15.The Best of the Best seed collected season after season
  16. 16.Preservation of the most quality seed with high yield 

to findout more, see videos & a list of Heirloom seed suppliers see our Heirloom web page