5 tips for good compost

Top 5 composting tips:

1: Get the carbon to nitrogen ratio right.  We want 30 part carbon to 1 part nitrogen, or simply 1 third green to 2 thirds brown matter.  Don't forget to include manures in the green part.

2: Get the air right.  To produce high quality aerobic composts which limit the production of human and plant pathogens, turn the compost often.  

3: Watch the temperature, if it gets too hot your biological microbes can die and quality compost production will stop.  Turn the compost regularly and monitor it with a thermometer probe.

4: Compost is alive and it needs water.  There should be enough water to squeeze out of a handful, but not so much as it drips on its own.  Top up the water if necessary at each turn and use a moisture meter if you are not sure.

5: Watch your inputs, the pile is alive so limit the inputs of known biocides such as onion, garlic, citrus, ashes and plants treated with fungicides/herbicides/pesticides or other agricultural chemicals.