Soil and Compost Inoculums

Soil conditioners and plant growth stimulants add beneficial micro organisms, Fungi and bacteria to your soil & help improve plant & soil health 

  • Ground Grocer NASAA Certified Organic Molasses

    Certified Organic Molasses

    Organic Molasses is available seasonally with fluctuating prices. Please also note that because of inconsistencies in freight costs around Australia and abroad the actual freight cost may be higher than the calculated checkout price.  The...

    EU 49.31 inc. GST
    EU 49.31 ex. GST
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  • EasyRhiz Freeze Dried Soluble Legume Inoculant

    EasyRhiz® Freeze Dried Soluble Legume Inoculant EasyRhiz is an organic concentrated freeze-dried formulation, stored under vacuum for trouble-free application via fine spray nozzles Easy to mix - stays in suspension and contains no particulate...

    EU 43.00 inc. GST
    EU 39.09 ex. GST
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  • Mycorrhizal Fungi

    Mycorrhizal Fungi

    Mycorrhizal Fungi FREE SHIPPING  Myco-Gro inoculant is a fine dry powder containing the species Glomus intraradices at 150 spores/gram carrier. Best stored at 4 to 10 dgrees C. Do not freeze. Do not allow powder to become damp during storage...

    MSRP: EU 26.46
    EU 21.83 inc. GST
    MSRP: EU 24.06
    EU 19.85 ex. GST
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  • Nutri Tech Nutri Life Platform

    Nutri Life Platform

    Nutri-Life VAM-Tech™   NEW IMPROVED BLEND – ADDITIONAL STRAINS   The biological base of problem-free agriculture. Huge numbers of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) (4 species) and Trichoderma (5 strains) together in one...

    EU 65.82 inc. GST
    EU 59.84 ex. GST
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  • Nutri-Life Root-Guard Nutri-Life Root-Guard

    Nutri-Life Root-Guard

    Nutri-Life Root-Guard™ A blend of beneficial, fungi designed to improve the ratio of desirable to undesirable organisms in the root zone. Root-Guard™ is a talc-based formulation containing the following naturally occurring fungal species:...

    EU 19.18 inc. GST
    EU 17.44 ex. GST
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  • NTS Fast Fulvic NTS Fast Fulvic

    Nutri-Tech Fast Fulvic

     An 8% fulvic acid liquid possessing a myriad of yield enhancing qualities. This product supersedes Fulvic 1400™. Fulvic Acid is a powerful organic extract from humates which offers a host of benefits for both the soil and the plant...

    EU 11.91 inc. GST
    EU 10.83 ex. GST
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  • Remidi TB Trichoderma

    Remidi TB - Trichoderma FREE SHIPPING    Features Remidi TB contains a minimum of 108 cfu/gram Trichoderma harzianum and Bacillus subtilis   Benefits Trichoderma harzianum and Bacillus subtilis colonises the roots of plants,...

    MSRP: EU 33.08
    EU 29.11 inc. GST
    MSRP: EU 30.07
    EU 26.46 ex. GST
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  • Effective Microorganisms EM1

    Effective Microorganisms EM1

      FREE   SHIPPING   FOR   EM1   ANYWHERE   IN   AUSTRALIA Please contact us for freight prices on 5 or more 1L and multiple 15L EM1 quantities   Our EM1 is manufactured in Australia by an EMRO technician...

    EU 20.45 inc. GST
    EU 18.59 ex. GST
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