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  1. 1
    Effective Microorganisms EM1
    Effective Microorganisms EM1
    AU$34.00 (inc GST) AU$30.91 (ex GST)
  2. 2
    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    AU$82.50 (inc GST) AU$75.00 (ex GST)
  3. 3
    Reotemp Backyard Compost Thermometer
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer (Backyard)
    AU$96.25 AU$90.75 (inc GST) AU$87.50 AU$82.50 (ex GST)
  4. 4
    Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer in compost windrow
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer Heavy Duty 5/16"
    AU$209.00 (inc GST) AU$190.00 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp compost thermometer


Reotemp Compost Thermometer Heavy Duty 5/16"

  • Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer in compost windrow
  • Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer
  • Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer with 5/16" thick tip
  • Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer with probe guard handle
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AU$209.00 (inc GST) AU$190.00 (exc GST)
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2.00 KGS
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Product Description

Reotemp Compost Thermometer - Heavy Duty 5/16" stainless steel stem 

Please note: we also Stock Reotemp Super Duty 3/8" Fast Response Thermomoters

The REOTEMP Heavy Duty Windrow Compost Thermometer is ideal for monitoring interior temperatures of large compost bins or compost windrows. The heavy duty construction means this thermometer will last for many years with normal use.

The 91cm Heavy Duty probe with probe gaurd handle is our most popular temperature probe combo - trusted by Australian farmers from coast to coast.

When making compost it is very important to know the compost's temperature. A high quality REOTEMP compost thermometer from Groundgrocer.com will enable you to monitor the core temperature of your compost pile accurately and easily.

If the compost is too hot, it will destroy beneficial microorganisms that are essential to the proper conversion of your compost materials into humus. If the compost temperature is too cold microbial activity will be reduced and weed seeds and any pathogens are not destroyed. In such cases compost can take a very long time to mature. So be sure! Purchase high quality compost thermometer equipment and accessories all right here at Groundgrocer. We only supply the highest quality compost thermometer's available on the market.



Selection of 61cm (24 inch), 91cm (36 inch), 122cm (48 inch), 153cm (60 inch) & 183cm (72 inch)  stainless stem lengths, 5/16" (7.9 mm) diameter stem, pointed tip.


+/- 1% full scale. Temperature range is minus 20 to 95 degrees Celcius.

Dial Size:

3" (7.6 mm) diameter. The dial case is hermetically sealed, so it will not fog or allow moisture infiltration.

Dial Face:

Unbreakable plastic crystal.


All welded stainless steel design. This product can be left inside the compost pile and does not need to be stored inside. It can withstand the chemical and biological weathering of the compost pile over time.

Quality Assurance:

Reotemp is a ISO 9001 certified company.


Important Note:
More than 90% of our customers who buy a Heavy Duty Compost Themometer, opt for adding a Compost Thermometer Probe Handle with their purchase. The Probe Handle protects the dial face from accidental damage and is also used to push and pull the thermometer into and out of the compost pile. 

Need more information before you purchase?

Contact us now: sales@groundgrocer.com

Product Videos

Biovital compost videoblog 1 ()
  • Biovital compost videoblog 1
  • Biovital compost videoblog 2
  • Biovital compost videoblog 3
  • REOTEMP Heavy Duty & Super Duty Fast Response Compost Thermometers
    Compost Product Manager Nathan O'Connor explains the differenc...

Warranty Information

One year limited warranty for parts and workmanship.

Product Reviews

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  1. Compost Thermometer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Oct 2014

    Easy to read - robust constructions

  2. Nice thermometer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2014

    I've tried a few other thin stemmed brands (they always bend or break) and these reotemp thermometers are the best in Australia. I use a 91cm and I find it well built and sturdy. The probe handle is a must.

  3. Best Compost thermometers on the market 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2014

    Thanks lynton for bringing these great Compost thermometers into Australia. Ive been working with them for 5 years and have found them to be accurate with readings , touch and durable.. Ive used them in the home garden/composting environment, community garden level through to tough commercial composting operation scale. they always provide good service.
    Cheers and keep up the good work

  4. Best long thermometers in Australia 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2014

    I can highly recommend these longer compost thermometers. I use three 153cm heavy duty models with the probe gaurd handles (essential I would say - to protect the dial) for my farm-based commercial windrow operation.

  5. best compost thermometers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Feb 2014

    well made and built to last

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