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    Effective Microorganisms EM1
    Effective Microorganisms EM1
    AU$34.00 (inc GST) AU$30.91 (ex GST)
  2. 2
    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    AU$82.50 (inc GST) AU$75.00 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp Backyard Compost Thermometer
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer (Backyard)
    AU$96.25 AU$90.75 (inc GST) AU$87.50 AU$82.50 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer in compost windrow
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer Heavy Duty 5/16"
    AU$209.00 (inc GST) AU$190.00 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp compost thermometer


REOTEMP Ecoprobe Wireless Compost Temperature Monitoring System

  • EcoProbe Windrow drawing
  • EcoProbe Window composting wireless monitoring system
  • EcoProbe Wireless Antenna
  • EcoProbe Wireless Reciever
  • EcoprobePLdrw
  • EcoProbe CompostWatch software
Price :
Prices depends on your requirements, Call us on 1300 804 486
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12.00 KGS
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Product is available within 2-4 weeks
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Product Description

(Wireless Compost Temperature Monitoring System)


REOTEMP's EcoProbe System wirelessly monitors the internal temperature of your compost piles. It reduces labor costs while increasing efficiency, product quality, and operational control.

The two most important criteria to consider when purchasing a wireless system are reliability and longevity. With over 20 years in the compost industry, Reotemp has used its experience to design and build an extremely reliable and long lasting wireless temperature monitoring system. When you invest in an EcoProbe System, you are ensuring years of hassle-free monitoring.

The EcoProbe system integrates easily into your PLC system or can be used with our windows-based software called Compost Watch™.

Our EcoProbes are Made in the USA at Reotemp’s San Diego facility under ISO-9002 guidelines.

1) The wireless temperature probes (EcoProbes) are inserted into the windrows. Typically 2-3 EcoProbes per windrow.

2) Each EcoProbe sends a data packet back to the receiver antenna, which is mounted on the exterior of the control building. Data packets consist of two temperature points per EcoProbe (one at the tip and another 38” above the tip), a time/date stamp, battery status, and a re-programmable I.D. (e.g. “Windrow24B”. Typically data packets are transmitted every 15 minutes, although the frequency can be shortened or extended depending on your needs.

3) The Receiver Antenna collects data packets from all of the EcoProbes in the field and passes that data to the Receiver via hardwired cable. Proper grounding equipment must be installed.

4) The Receiver then either inputs the data into a PLC or into your personal computer:

    a. For PLC based systems, the receiver feeds the data into the PLC via shielded RS-485 cable interface. The following
        communication protocols are available:

     i. Modbus Receiver
     ii. DeviceNet Receiver
     iii. Ethernet/IP
     iv. Call for others

   b. For PC based systems, the receiver re-transmits the data wirelessly to a PC module which is physically connected to your
       computer (via Serial Cable or USB). Reotemp provides a windows-based software called Compost Watch which is
       uploaded to your computer. The software allows you to view and graph data. The data can be export into excel.



Compost may seem like a fairly harmless media, but in reality it’s a very harsh, corrosive environment. Reotemp’s EcoProbes are built to last. Below are some of the ways we’ve designed our EcoProbes to withstand this environment:

Non-metal Stem Sheath: When stainless steel stems are left in compost for days or weeks at a time, they are very likely to corrode and pit. In a few months, this corrosion can eat all the way through the stem and cause probe failure. To prevent this corrosion, Reotemp has designed a unique non-metal sheath which completely encases the inner stainless steel stem. Our design prevents corrosion, while maintaining proper heat transfer.

Double Sealed Enclosure: As you probably already know, probes are not typically treated gently at composting sites. They are bumped, rolled, and generally roughed up. Wireless probes are also subjected to large changes in temperature and (if outdoors) exposed to the weather. An improperly sealed enclosure is prone to open over time, allowing moisture and corrosive atmospheric gases to damage electronic components.

As we like to say, anyone can purchase a NEMA-4X weatherproof enclosure. The trick is being able to put a hole in that enclosure, running wires through it, and then re-sealing it effectively. This is an art Reotemp has mastered, with over 20 years experience in the industry.



Additional Features/Benefits:

• 2 Temperature Sensors in each EcoProbe. One 1” above the tip, the second 38” above the tip.
• Long battery life: 1.5 years (15 minute sampling frequency)
• Field proven in some of the harshest composting applications in the industry (case studies below).
• Suitable for indoor, tunnel, and outdoor facilities.
• Point-to-point wireless topology
• 70” fluorescent orange flag which increases the probes visibility.
• Range of 1,000 ft (line of sight). Longer distances may require repeater, contact Reotemp for details.
• Large vinyl labels with Probe ID #’s on exterior of the enclosure.
• 2 Year Limited Warranty!



REOTEMP's Terminal Receiver organizes data packets from wireless temperature probes
(EcoProbes) located in the field. Typically, the receiver is mounted to an internal wall of the control
building. The Receiver is either hardwired into the PLC or wirelessly transmits its
data to a personal computer.


Communication Protocols: Modbus, DeviceNet, or Ethernet/IP. Contact Reotemp for others.


Each facility has its own unique layout and setup, which means we’ll need to customize the antenna we use to fit your needs. On any application we use only high quality antennas that are above and beyond what is needed. This ensures you’ll have consistent readings. It also accounts for the occasional interference typically found on composting sites (large equipment driving between probes and the receiver antenna, probes at various angles, etc.).


For PLC systems, a 3rd party would be required to create HMI software. Contact Reotemp for suggested vendors.

For PC's, we have a windows-based software called Compost Watch




Displays live temperature readings as they come in from the radio link.
• A log history of the readings: history can be viewed graphically or exported into standard windows applications such as Excel.
• Support: Unlimited phone support. We stand behind our products.
• Data Range Selector: with quickset or custom date ranges.
• Low & High temperature warnings
• Low & High temperature alarms
• Online/Offline indicator light
• Battery status indicator light
• Temperature Chart
• Temperature Table


We have many case studies & comprehansive datasheets, contact us if you want to know more


Warranty Information

One year limited warranty for parts and workmanship.

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